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Samples can be useful in lots of situations. Indeed, it is commonplace to reinforce a live recorded sound with samples to give things a little more punch. If you would like to do this yourself to compliment a live recording, I can supply you with single hit samples to match the recorded track. You can use these as you see fit, even on another track. You don't have to purchase a live recording from me to get these samples, though of course I'd prefer if you did!

Maybe you like the sound of my kit and would like to use it in a dance based track that might not suit a live performance. Or maybe you just want them to fatten up the drum track I've already sent you. You can specify which elements you receive, just want my bass drum, or the whole kit but no snare rim shots? Let me know via email what you require.

I will supply a set of single hits as stereo files in a format of your choice. These can either be premixed or raw, though obviously the raw will have to be panned and mixed as if they were in a standard session. You can also choose whether you get just the sound from the direct mic (or overheads in the case of cymbals), direct and overhead combined (as if the sound had been gated out of the direct other mics) or the sound from all the mics on the kit.
Essentially, this is the same as the single hit samples. However, instead of receiving a single velocity hit of each element, you can pick which elements you get, all of which will be supplied as soft, medium and hard hits.
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