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The basic procedure is the same for all options. Simply email me a mixdown (wav, aiff, mp3 etc) or midi file (if applicable) of your song(s) so far. If you aren't sure what format to use, I'm happy to discuss this first. It's best if your song was recorded to a click, but that's not essential. I'll then put this into my DAW and record the specified drum parts. This includes me mapping out a click track if required and any other prep work. Make sure you specify the format you require before I start recording if you want audio rather than midi!

Once this is done, I'll mix my drums - if you have chosen Premixed or Separates with EQ, this will be the mix you receive; if you pick Raw I will do a basic mix to give you an idea of the playing only. Once this is complete, I will email this back to you, mixed with your track so you can audition what I've done. When you've had a listen, we can discuss any changes you require. Once these are done and you are happy, I will request payment. This can be made via bank transfer or paypal (details will be supplied). After the payment has cleared, I will send you the finished recording(s) in the correct format for you to use. If you need any help getting things into your DAW I'm not just going to ignore your emails because I've already got your money. All this is risk free for you as you don't pay until you're happy with what I've played. Turnaround time is hard to specify as it depends on the length of the track, complexity and how many other people I'm recording for. However, I strive to get everything done within 5 days at most.
To speed up the auditioning process, I offer connection via Skype at no extra cost. This allows us to cut out all the back and forth via email which can add days to the turnaround time. This is great if you only want a few mixing issues corrected as we're done then and there. Re-recording parts can't be done as fast, but we can still discuss what needs doing over Skype.
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