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Here at Live Drummer you can get all the benefits of me playing on your track or album without the expense of studio time and an engineer. One of the most important aspects of any song is the people playing it and how their personal style influences the overall sound. In this respect, pre-recorded loops often just don't work. OK, they can sound great on their own and in the right context - dance, electronica, house etc - the continuous repetition suits the track. But, what if you're a singer-songwriter? You want a drum sound which reacts to your music, complements the intricacies of the guitar part you've lovingly crafted and doesn't drive a sledgehammer through the spacey breakdown in the middle eight. This is where my playing experience comes in, giving you a drum track which complements your song and gives you the feel you don't get from those loops. So, what can I offer you?

Please feel free to read about all the options open to you and find out how it works. Remember, you are under no obligation to buy until you are happy with the results and can change 'package' should you so choose.
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